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Appliances in our homes and offices make our lives much easier. They do have a shelf life, so they will eventually stop working and need to be replaced with a more recent model. Where do we store our damaged appliances?

It is illegal to dump your appliances in landfills. Some states have banned appliances because of the biological dangers it presents and encourage recycling, reuse, and conservation.

Instead of spending time figuring out what to do with your old, non-functional appliances, why not call us and let us properly dispose of them through our various eco-friendly disposal options. We offer fast, reliable, and safe appliance removal services in the Norfolk region and surrounding areas. Everything from logistics to labor and disposal is covered.

What is Appliance Removal? **

Appliances can be replaced easily. With the promise to make our lives easier, technology is constantly improving. No matter how well we maintain appliances, eventually they will stop functioning as they did before and we will have to replace them. It is simple to get a new appliance, but it is difficult to get rid of an old one.

Many appliances are heavy and make it more difficult to move them. These appliances are usually heavy and will require a larger vehicle to transport them to the disposal sites. You should also consider the logistics and labor involved in disposing of furniture and appliances, as most landfills will not accept them.

You don’t have to go through all that trouble if you can solve your problem in one call.

Our company offers a fast, safe and hassle-free appliance disposal service. We can provide you with a vehicle or hire multiple people to transport your appliances outside.

We do a quick assessment to determine what type of vehicle is needed for your appliances to be transported and how many people are needed to take them down. After everything is settled, we will set a time and date for the pick-up. We can also accommodate urgent pick up requests.

Why Choose Us?

Apart from providing professional services and a strategic approach, we also support environmentally friendly ways to dispose of appliances. Instead of throwing away your appliances, we will find a purposeful way to dispose of them.

Preloved, but still functional appliances are donated to charities. We are looking for a second home. We can reduce waste by doing this. It is not possible for everyone to afford high-end appliances. However, getting a second hand appliance at no cost is a blessing. We love to bridge the gap between those who don’t have it and those who do. We can save the environment and help those less fortunate.

We send appliances that are damaged or not functional to our recycling centers so they can recover the metal parts and repurpose them.

What Appliances Can We Accept for Removal?

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Dishwasher Washing Machine and Dryer Freezer and Refrigerator

Air conditioner and fans

Stoves, Ovens, And Microwaves - Water Heater Lawnmower and Trash Compactors